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Arneson Acres (1).png

Arneson Acres

Edina, MN

Arneson Acres offers a picturesque backdrop for photos. With its diverse range of garden beds, brick walking paths, a gazebo, stunning trees, and, of course, the fountain, this tranquil spot located just off Highway 100 in Edina provides an array of excellent backgrounds in close proximity.

Richardson Nature Center

Bloomington, MN

Richardson Nature Center provides breathtaking panoramic views of prairies, mature forest trees, and winding organic walking paths. During the summer, the surroundings are adorned with vibrant greens, and in the fall, the location transforms with beautiful autumn hues. This peaceful park located in Bloomington offers a splendid natural landscape suitable for various types of photo sessions.

Richardson Nature Center.png
Noerenberg Gardens, Orono (1).png

Noerenberg Gardens

Orono, MN

Noerenberg Gardens is a stunning photo location, especially during the summer when the flowers are in full bloom. Nestled right next to Lake Minnetonka, these gardens offer an array of flowers, lush greens, and even a nearby tall grassy field. With pergolas covered in vines and a charming brick-lined path, it's a picturesque setting for photography.

Bauhaus Brew Labs

NE Minneapolis, MN

Bauhaus Brew Labs offers a stylish urban backdrop featuring stunning brickwork, sleek black iron windows, galvanized metal accents, and an abundance of structures that are perfect for creating captivating photos!

Bauhaus Brew Labs (1).png
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